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Auto Insurance

Each of the states has its own laws about what types of auto coverage its drivers must have legally. In Connecticut, there are several types of required coverage for motorists. If you need auto insurance to keep you legal, call us at Wolcott Insurance Group, LLC in Connecticut.

Liability Coverage

There are several different types of liability insurance coverage that Connecticut driver’s must-have. These coverages protect you from having to pay for accidents and damages that you cause to other people. If you are at fault for an accident, it will be your responsibility to pay for their medical bills and any damage your vehicle caused to their vehicle and/or a building that was struck. Your liability coverage must include a specific amount for each person who suffers bodily injury in the accident, as well as another set amount for all of the people injured in an accident. Still, another coverage has to be a minimum amount of property damage coverage.

Uninsured Motorist

All Connecticut vehicles must also be covered by a policy that protects the owner against accidents with people with no auto insurance or too little insurance. Called underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, it pays for the bodily injury bills at a set amount per person injured and another minimum for everyone who was injured.

Your Liability

Because the state minimums on liability coverages are so low, it's a good idea to raise your coverage amount. Medical bills today are costly, and you need to know that you can cover them if you are in a bad accident with major injuries and other damages.

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If you need auto insurance coverage, call us today at Wolcott Insurance Group, LLC in Connecticut to talk to an agent about your coverage needs.

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