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Umbrella Insurance

Having enough liability insurance is important financial protection. If you have only a small amount of this coverage, you risk it hitting its maximum, which requires you to pay everything else from your own pocket. Umbrella insurance extends your liability coverage. If you want an umbrella policy to protect you, call us at Wolcott Insurance Group, LLC in Connecticut to find out more.

Liability and Home Insurance

If you already have home insurance, there are many different types of coverage that it encompasses. One of those is a liability plan. This is for any accidents or illnesses that happen in your house. With a low level of liability coverage, it can easily max out after a bad accident. That's where umbrella insurance coverage protects you. It adds to the liability coverage you already have on your home insurance policy. With an umbrella policy, there is more liability coverage added to what you already have. The way it works is that the home insurance policy first pays out what it will to its maximum payout. Then, the umbrella insurance policy comes in to pay the rest up to its maximum.

Liability and Auto Insurance

Like home insurance policies, auto insurance generally comes with a low level of liability coverage. Umbrella works the same way with your auto policy as it does with your home policy. After the auto insurance is maxed, umbrella insurance comes in and pays the remainder up to its maximum. This allows you to increase your liability coverage on your home and auto policies with one insurance policy. It's a must to have in case of a serious accident that comes with high medical bills.

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Call us at Wolcott Insurance Group, LLC in Connecticut to talk to an agent about your umbrella insurance needs.

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